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Turn your unwanted, destressing house into the much-needed funds you’re after effortlessly and quickly.

In today’s real estate market, people love a fixer-upper: They sell like crazy! But there’s a substantial difference between a property that needs some cosmetic work or minor fixes, and one that is uneconomical to repair and simply unwanted. These properties come with a lot of downsides. Other than being unusable, if you’re looking to sell them, you’re going to need a serious cash buyer that’s willing to pay you a fair price, and if you don’t, you’re looking at complete foreclosure of the property. And if you think about making the repairs yourself, remodeling, plumbing, and cosmetic work are now more expensive than ever, which means that your already unwanted house is going to cost you even more money and time just to get rid of it.

It’s not only the condition of your home that can make it impossible to sell, here are a few factors that qualify your property as distressed:

  • Major structural issues that you’re not ready to repair – An unwanted house can be stressful and tiring to own as it is, not to mention one that’s in need of intensive repair work and thousands of dollars just to get it to selling condition. In this case, you as an owner are stuck with an inhabitable house, and one that you can’t even get rid of, which is a lose-lose situation, to say the least.
  • Divorce – Losing your partner is not an easy thing to go through: no matter what happened between both of you, a divorce means the end of a home and a family. After that, you’ll have to split all of your assets with your partner upon divorce. In this case, you have no energy to repair the home, put it up for sale, and deal with buyers until you eventually get it sold.
  • Loss of a loved one – When a loved one of yours passes away, their unwanted properties have to be sold, but it’s easier said than done: That house reminds you of them and your cherished memories together. We know how tough it can be, especially when you’re overwhelmed with grief and loss from losing them in the first place.
  • Behind on taxes and in need of instant funds – If you’re left with a distressed house on your hands, chances are you’re way behind on your taxes. With such houses, if you don’t have any use for them, they still accumulate taxes over time. This means more weight on your shoulders with zero benefits at all.
  • No need for the property – If your property doesn’t fall into any of the previous categories, but is still unusable, or uneconomic to repair and get it to the point where you can actually profit off of it, it’s still causing you stress, and chances are you’d much rather have the funds in your hands instead of an unwanted house.

So, how can you as a distressed homeowner get rid of it as it is without the hassle of getting into the traditional market?

Luckily, you’ve found We buy houses and Land! We’re real estate experts who specialize in fast home sales with straightforward cash offers. We work with off-market sales, inherited houses, and wholesale homes — many of which include distressed properties.
We’re a locally owned business that works with a network of local and national investors across the country to provide you with a plethora of fair options to sell your property fast.
Instead of facing foreclosure or mounting expenses, we’ll give you a fair and fast cash offer. You won’t need to worry about hidden fees or slow-moving deals.
Unlike other companies or home buying services We buy houses and Land! puts you first. We want to be your solution, not something else to add to your problems.
No matter the real estate problem, We buy houses and Land! has got the right connections and expertise to help you out.
Contact us to learn more about how we operate, and how we can help you get rid of your distressed property. We look forward to working with you!

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